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AtomHex - Download and Installation Guide

There are two steps to setting up AtomHex on your computer: downloading and installing.

Go to the download page and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button and it will start downloading to your computer.

If you get the choice of saving the file or running it, it's easiest to choose Run.

If you're asked to save it to your disk, then choose where on your disk you want it to be saved. Remember this folder. It's easiest to save it to your desktop, so that it's easier to find later.

If you saved the file to your disk, now you need to run it to install the game. First find the program, either on your Desktop or somewhere else by clicking My Computer. Double-click the file icon to start installing. The installation program will guide you through a few simple steps.

Running / Registering
You can launch the game from your START menu. START->games/minc/atomhex.
You can try out the game for 3 days. If you register the game you can continue to play
and also upload your scores and achievements. Just click on the Register button to start up the
AtomHex registration process. It's available for whatever price you want to pay for it.

February 12, 2008