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How To Play

You can choose to play AtomHex using several different control methods.
Dual Analog, Joystick, Mouse, Keyboard or even a Mouse and Keyboard Hybrid.

Shoot the atoms as they emerge - before they have a chance to join with Hexes
or with other atoms. If the atoms join a Hex it becomes energized and can only be
killed with shots of the same colour. These energized Hexes will release various
enemies. The more atoms in the cluster the more enemies released.

The enemies released by the atom-hex clusters will present you with several
challenges. The Vespas will compete with you for Hexes. The Cholox will grow
to block your path. Grex will charge at you and detonate. Crux will freeze you and
then try to fry you and the Puncti will bounce around randomly and get in your way.

Once 6 atoms have joined with a Hex a vortex is formed.
You will be pulled into a subatomic world where you need to destroy the atoms
to escape. A bonus awaits you when you finally escape the subatomic world.

Shooting Atoms and collecting Hexes scores you ever increasing points.
The longer you play, the higher your base points.
These base points are multiplied by the Score Multiplier.
Collect the X powerups to chain score multipliers up to 10000X.

February 12, 2008