Nightmare Before Christmas Pinball

Latest Table
Requires sfx files from below.

Future Pinball Table NMBX_2015_10_29.fpt
SFX - Unzip these into the future pinball libraries folder.

The rules document: Nightmare_Before_Christmas_Pinball.pdf

MPF Files (dev21-131)

Download NMBXM_2015_02_11.fpt


Motorized drop target bank resized

Download NMBXM_2015_01_25.fpt


OOgie goes to Mars

Moved some things around again. Ramp changes.
Motorized target bank for OOgie.
Download NMBXM_2015_01_20.fpt

OOgie has a few sides.
LSB changed
Download NMBXM_ALT_2014_07_04.fpt

Change is good, right?

On ramp now more like CV.
Lights changed a bit.
RGB lights on order. Woohoo!
Updated Rules & Modes rules.txt
Try this NMBXM_ALT_2014_07_01

Minor changes.
Blueprint sent to printers for a 23.25" X 46" print.
Try this NMBXM_ALT_2014_06_19

It's been far too long without an update. Much progress has been made.
I'm now working on a revised layout.
Moved the pops to the top, changed the town lock into a scoop and moved it to where the pops used to be.
Simulation available HERE

First whitewood was mostly complete (except for Oogie.)
All wired up and flipping.
Which made me realize I didn't like some parts of it.
Tried tweaking (Jack drop and hole modified) but it wasn't enough.



Woohoo! Success
I hooked up my PC, P3-ROC, SW16, PD-16 a switch and a motor.

I have a bunch of parts thanks to Ray, and a bunch of online stores!
Let the connections begin...

Big thanks to Jerry for the crimpers!

Prototype in FuturePinball

Download free program here: Future Pinball (Future Pinball v1.9.1.20101231)

Version 5.6

Download table: NMBXM Version 5.6

Version 5.5 - More Upper table changes...

Download table: NMBXM Version 5.5
- more layout adjustments
- removed centre target and moved drop target to the left for easier Jack shot
- time to start moving to pygame? soon
- adjusted rules to match

Download table: NMBXM Version 5.2
- fixing LSB
- temp workaround for bathtub (hole at entrance dropping to main playfield)- kickers not working on elevated platform - bad FP!, bad!
- TOWN MB Lock needs some work to change to single ball lock
- time to start moving to pygame

Version 5.0 - Upper table changes...

Download table: NMBXM Version 5.0
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- changes to the upper playfield:
- - moved forest to upper right
- - moved LS&B bathtub 3 ball lock to center
- - left orbit uninterupted
- - upper left diverter moved to forest ramp
NOTE: rules not completely updated - LSB MB not working yet, town lock to be changed to 1 physical lock & 2 virtual locks
SFX FILE (16Mb):

full table image

Version 4.0

Download table: NMBXM Version 4.0
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- more sfx & quotes
SFX FILE (16Mb):

Version 3.27

Download table: NMBXM Version 3.27
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- some fixes to MB/ZERO FETCH JACKPOTS
- changed some more quotes
SFX FILE (16Mb):

Version 3.26

Download table: NMBXM Version 3.26
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- holidays - cycle, 2nd time collects leader
- pop bumper toys stuff
- more quotes
- moved display to backbox
- sfx combined into one file
SFX FILE (16Mb):

Version 3.24

Download table: NMBXM Version 3.24
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- What's This 20 second Frenzy (one of the 10 awards from Jack)
- sfx combined into one file

Version 3.19

Download table: NMBXM Version 3.19
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- ramp tweaks
- changes to DR, sfx
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.18

Download table: Version 3.18
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- ramp revamps
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.16

2013-10-20 Version 3.16
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- covered ramps
- MB modes can all co-exist, no lost balls
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.15

2013-10-18 Version 3.15
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- more tweaks (ramp gates are a pain!)
- sfx changes
- LS&B mode - light LSB, get to Jack, 3 ball MB, Kidnap santa
- complete mode by left ramp -> Jack,left ramp -> Jack
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.13

2013-10-15 Version 3.13
Rules & Modes rules.txt
- more tweaks
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.11

2013-10-14 Version 3.11
- Spell SANTA to light the mystery prize
- tweaks to the town locks to prevent false switch hits
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.10

2013-10-12 Version 3.10
- more sfx changes
- Lock, Shock & Barrel changes:
- rollover lights rotate with flippers, awarded L, S & B in order
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.9

2013-10-12 Version 3.9
- updated
- added Jack's Awards
- currently 8 random awards including:
. lite extra ball
. lite Zero Mode
. points, toys, stitches, hurry up, bonus hold, etc.
- lots more sfx changes
- moved witches to Jack's sneak-in
- renamed witches - SOUP
- moved Doctor
- Doctor now Mystery (will award things when lit - like add-a-ball, time extend, etc.)
- still problems with ramps and gates - argh.
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.7

2013-10-11 Version 3.7
- more sfx changes
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.6

2013-10-10 Version 3.6
- fixed some incorrect sound file names
- fixes to Zero Mode
- cleaned up some geometry, cleaner shots, moved some gates, removed unneeded switch
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.5

2013-10-09 Version 3.5
- cleaned up Zero's Fetch mode (roaming jackpots)
- added yet another diverter to get ball to Zero kickback lane from ramp shot
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.3

2013-10-09 Version 3.3
- added ZERO mode - LITE ZERO by hitting red target
- get ball to ZERO kickback to start mode
- similar to AFM roaming SUPER JACKPOT
- note: mode not complete yet, may be some bugs
- requires these files (if you don't have already)

Version 3.1

2013-10-08 Version 3.1
- fixing placements after the 4 inch stretch
- some sfx changes
- mayor target (red, lower in front of pop) flip/flops the upper diverter
- another sfx file: )

Version 3.0

2013-10-07 Version 3.0
Big Oops. Major adjustments...
Old versions were 4 inches too short.
Please try this new version.
- (you'll need this, if you didn't get it in previous version: )

Version 2.46

2013-10-06 Version 2.46
- fixes for ball locks, saver, multiball, virtual locks
- inlane/outlane rollovers spell SANTA or CLAUS or SANDY or CLAWS
- sfx changes
- cleaned up layers
- (you'll need this, if you didn't get it in previous version: )

* Still thinking about display in table. Maybe 200 mm across is too small. Hmmm.

Version 2.43

2013-10-05 Version 2.43
- ball locks
- virtual locks
- ball saver
- sfx (you'll need to unzip this file into your Future Pinball/Libraries folder: )

Version 2.39

2013-10-04 Version 2.39
- changed some multiball rules
- maybe a display on the playfield?

Version 2.37

2013-10-03 Version 2.37
- added left ramp standup targets
- moved holiday lights, dice
- added arrow lights for main shots

Version 2.35

2013-10-03 Version 2.35
- more fixes
- added cycling in/outlane lights (need a 5 letter word)
- completing in/outlane currently lights a mode light
- LSB rollovers lights tub (mode still to come)

Version 2.34

Version 2.34

2013-10-02 Version 2.34
- Added Mode lights - Door, Oogie, Tub, Town, ?
- fixes to multiball modes
2013-10-01 Version 2.32
- Added 7 holiday door/lights
- holiday multiball - shoot green ramp to trees,
then hit centre standup to advance to next door
- changed Oogie lights to dice (1-6)

2013-10-01 Version 2.30
- Multiball ball count fixes
- smoother upper left loop
- town lock exit changes
- cemetery sneakin tweaked
- lower left orbit opto changed to rollover
- target & hole tweaks
- green/tree ramp adjusted (entrance shrunk, moved)
- ramp gates adjusted

2013-10-01 Version 2.29
- multiball tweaks
- town lights, linked to town locks

Version 2.28

2013-09-30 Version 2.28