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Players: 198
Machines: 184
Games Played: 12699


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2017-07-08 / 2017-07-22 / 2017-08-26 / 2017-09-23 / 2017-10-21 / 2017-11-18 / ALL
Player Name
A GACDC (Pro)2017-10-213,702,310
A GAerosmith (Premium)2017-10-212,815,880
A GAvatar2017-07-224,011,910
A GBig Hit2017-07-0850,090
A GEightball Champ2017-08-26158,630
A GGame of Thrones2017-10-2110,118,650
A GGhostbusters (Limited Edition) 2017-09-232,315,930
A GGoldeneye2017-08-26200,244,530
A GIndiana Jones (STERN)2017-07-224,979,120
A GIndiana Jones (STERN)2017-07-081,947,030
A GJohnny Mnemonic2017-07-22278,159,730
A GKISS2017-08-267,899,900
A GLethal Weapon 32017-07-0812,075,040
A GMedieval Madness2017-10-214,379,460
A GMustang2017-08-2610,527,240
A GRevenge From Mars2017-07-2219,842,920
A GRob Zombie's Spookshow International2017-09-232,203,280
A GRollergames2017-07-08380,110
A GSolar Ride2017-07-0826,630
A GStar Wars Limited Edition2017-10-21126,858,890
A GStargate2017-09-2321,169,560
A GTales of the Arabian Nights2017-09-231,305,510
A GTales of the Arabian Nights2017-10-21490,610
A GTaxi2017-08-26126,710
A GThe Flintstones2017-07-0818,105,880
A GThe Walking Dead - LE2017-08-266,003,480
A GTrident2017-09-2327,540
A GTRON:LE2017-09-236,014,300
A GWheel of Fortune2017-07-222,068,940
A GWorld Cup Soccer2017-07-2278,727,990