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Players: 198
Machines: 184
Games Played: 12699


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2017-07-08 / 2017-07-22 / 2017-08-26 / 2017-09-23 / 2017-10-21 / 2017-11-18 / ALL
Player Name
A BACDC (Pro)2017-10-2110,060,050
A BAerosmith (Premium)2017-10-215,170,890
A BAvatar2017-07-226,700,290
A BBig Hit2017-07-0830,740
A BEightball Champ2017-08-26212,700
A BGame of Thrones2017-10-2118,280,560
A BGhostbusters (Limited Edition) 2017-09-2312,646,260
A BGoldeneye2017-08-26448,630,290
A BIndiana Jones (STERN)2017-07-085,362,090
A BIndiana Jones (STERN)2017-07-225,070,690
A BJohnny Mnemonic2017-07-22425,277,960
A BKISS2017-08-268,967,850
A BLethal Weapon 32017-07-0841,669,030
A BMedieval Madness2017-10-213,943,820
A BMustang2017-08-267,631,710
A BRevenge From Mars2017-07-2234,910,010
A BRob Zombie's Spookshow International2017-09-23428,610
A BRollergames2017-07-08212,030
A BSolar Ride2017-07-08115,230
A BStar Wars Limited Edition2017-10-2179,166,890
A BStargate2017-09-23133,032,830
A BTales of the Arabian Nights2017-09-234,224,436
A BTales of the Arabian Nights2017-10-21483,910
A BTaxi2017-08-26122,080
A BThe Flintstones2017-07-0892,371,630
A BThe Walking Dead - LE2017-08-263,605,780
A BTrident2017-09-23200,720
A BTRON:LE2017-09-237,591,570
A BWheel of Fortune2017-07-2215,501,090
A BWorld Cup Soccer2017-07-22306,407,640