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Games Played: 14157


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2018-01-27 / 2018-02-24 / 2018-03-17 / 2018-04-07 / 2018-04-28 / ALL
Player Name
A BACDC (Pro)2018-04-284,309,160
A BAerosmith (Premium)2018-04-284,323,400
A BAttack From Mars2018-04-28582,094,610
A BAttack From Mars2018-03-172,517,658,750
A BCirqus Voltaire2018-01-271,317,170
A BClass of 18122018-02-241,224,150
A BDemolition Man2018-02-2459,250,390
A BDialed In2018-04-0734,140
A BDoctor Who2018-04-2810,350,610
A BEightball Champ2018-04-07122,120
A BGame of Thrones2018-04-285,296,500
A BGetaway: High Speed II2018-02-249,431,240
A BGuardians of the Galaxy2018-04-079,012,770
A BIndiana Jones2018-01-2721,342,660
A BLectronamo 2018-03-1743,450
A BMedieval Madness2018-01-274,432,180
A BMedusa2018-02-24363,090
A BMustang2018-04-077,202,690
A BRed & Ted's Road Show2018-01-2765,182,670
A BRescue 9112018-02-2429,826,120
A BStar Wars Limited Edition2018-01-27138,589,140
A BStargate2018-03-17258,416,270
A BTales of the Arabian Nights2018-04-281,311,870
A BThe Walking Dead - LE2018-04-072,963,710
A BTheatre of Magic2018-01-27101,650,130
A BTrident2018-03-17105,400
A BTRON:LE2018-03-173,085,950
A BWild Fyre2018-02-2449,090
A BWizard Of Oz2018-04-0724,157
A BWorld Cup Soccer2018-03-17245,554,450