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Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2016-09-10 / 2016-09-24 / 2016-10-29 / 2016-11-12 / 2016-11-26 / 2016-12-17 / 2017-01-07 / ALL
Player Name
DPMGame of Thrones2016-10-29452,846,850
RSKGame of Thrones2016-10-29366,566,330
GREGame of Thrones2016-10-29279,796,070
AEAGame of Thrones2016-10-29245,160,400
ICKGame of Thrones2016-10-29205,780,370
JESGame of Thrones2016-10-29192,060,930
KYPGame of Thrones2016-10-29181,970,770
DEWGame of Thrones2016-10-29171,921,470
DONGame of Thrones2016-10-29141,423,000
BDGame of Thrones2016-10-2989,743,250
JLVGame of Thrones2016-10-2970,696,550
IANGame of Thrones2016-10-2952,752,650
RJVGame of Thrones2016-10-2952,684,000
KSAGame of Thrones2016-10-2949,670,360
JHKGame of Thrones2016-10-2946,584,970
FOYGame of Thrones2016-10-2939,824,850
CLNGame of Thrones2016-10-2939,774,840
DMCGame of Thrones2016-10-2935,240,940
MAXGame of Thrones2016-10-2927,426,550
LEMGame of Thrones2016-10-2926,374,480
EGGGame of Thrones2016-10-2924,066,990
EATGame of Thrones2016-10-2923,581,560
LONGame of Thrones2016-10-2923,267,320
TINGame of Thrones2016-10-2919,871,480
JAMGame of Thrones2016-10-2919,596,870
SPYGame of Thrones2016-10-2918,244,080
LSPGame of Thrones2016-10-2914,177,700
KENGame of Thrones2016-10-2914,039,420
AAAGame of Thrones2016-10-2911,621,270
MADGame of Thrones2016-10-2910,008,490
JULGame of Thrones2016-10-298,257,640
BRHGame of Thrones2016-10-297,941,400
SFVGame of Thrones2016-10-297,476,380
DNAGame of Thrones2016-10-297,265,850
JANGame of Thrones2016-10-296,296,640
J BGame of Thrones2016-10-295,511,890
M NGame of Thrones2016-10-295,226,580
TIMGame of Thrones2016-10-294,042,410