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Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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2018-04-07SPYWizard Of Oz392,2071100
2018-04-07MAXWizard Of Oz365,736298.1818
2018-04-07KENWizard Of Oz354,522396.3636
2018-04-07SFVWizard Of Oz301,535494.5455
2018-04-07ICKWizard Of Oz295,549592.7273
2018-04-07EGGWizard Of Oz268,633690.9091
2018-04-07THCWizard Of Oz219,368789.0909
2018-04-07DNAWizard Of Oz193,026887.2727
2018-04-07LEMWizard Of Oz134,247985.4545
2018-04-07KSAWizard Of Oz125,0761083.6364
2018-04-07RWWizard Of Oz116,7871181.8182
2018-04-07MACWizard Of Oz115,3271280
2018-04-07JLVWizard Of Oz113,8951378.1818
2018-04-07RSFWizard Of Oz96,2561476.3636
2018-04-07RAYWizard Of Oz94,5891574.5455
2018-04-07FOYWizard Of Oz85,1281672.7273
2018-04-07RNWizard Of Oz79,3451770.9091
2018-04-07MDTWizard Of Oz63,0761869.0909
2018-04-07BENWizard Of Oz47,0171967.2727
2018-04-07CFWizard Of Oz43,2292065.4545
2018-04-07LEEWizard Of Oz42,4472163.6364
2018-04-07JJWWizard Of Oz36,3762261.8182
2018-04-07LONWizard Of Oz33,1252360
2018-04-07ICEWizard Of Oz30,9062458.1818
2018-04-07DEWWizard Of Oz27,2892556.3636
2018-04-07LSPWizard Of Oz25,5512654.5455
2018-04-07A BWizard Of Oz24,1572752.7273
2018-04-07DMWizard Of Oz23,5472850.9091
2018-04-07TIMWizard Of Oz22,6822949.0909
2018-04-07MAGWizard Of Oz22,5783047.2727
2018-04-07JHKWizard Of Oz22,3113145.4545
2018-04-07A GWizard Of Oz21,5293243.6364
2018-04-07RSKWizard Of Oz20,6583341.8182
2018-04-07BHWizard Of Oz20,5923440
2018-04-07TONWizard Of Oz19,6423538.1818
2018-04-07JESWizard Of Oz19,4223636.3636
2018-04-07TRAWizard Of Oz18,6413734.5455
2018-04-07JAMWizard Of Oz18,4713832.7273
2018-04-07RCCWizard Of Oz18,3783930.9091
2018-04-07CLNWizard Of Oz17,1214029.0909
2018-04-07DENWizard Of Oz16,1774127.2727
2018-04-07TFWizard Of Oz16,0464225.4545
2018-04-07EATWizard Of Oz14,5484323.6364
2018-04-07AAAWizard Of Oz14,2964421.8182
2018-04-07JULWizard Of Oz13,8394520
2018-04-07ROKWizard Of Oz13,8074618.1818
2018-04-07IANWizard Of Oz13,3664716.3636
2018-04-07YORWizard Of Oz12,7404814.5455
2018-04-07DNDWizard Of Oz11,5484912.7273
2018-04-07BJWizard Of Oz11,4665010.9091
2018-04-07MFWizard Of Oz11,339519.09091
2018-04-07NLWizard Of Oz8,931527.27273
2018-04-07MADWizard Of Oz8,241535.45455
2018-04-07DELWizard Of Oz6,551543.63636
2018-04-07JBWizard Of Oz1551.81818