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Players: 218
Machines: 213
Games Played: 16161


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2016-09-10 / 2016-09-24 / 2016-10-29 / 2016-11-12 / 2016-11-26 / 2016-12-17 / 2017-01-07 / ALL
2016-11-26SPYTales From The Crypt253,921,3101100
2016-11-26ICKTales From The Crypt247,239,110297.7273
2016-11-26REDTales From The Crypt235,122,350395.4545
2016-11-26DONTales From The Crypt206,103,570493.1818
2016-11-26YORTales From The Crypt202,107,850590.9091
2016-11-26DEWTales From The Crypt188,100,190688.6364
2016-11-26GRETales From The Crypt176,658,850786.3636
2016-11-26JESTales From The Crypt168,300,760884.0909
2016-11-26JHKTales From The Crypt164,664,740981.8182
2016-11-26RSKTales From The Crypt163,930,5201079.5455
2016-11-26JULTales From The Crypt162,154,3001177.2727
2016-11-26BATTales From The Crypt155,501,2001275
2016-11-26LONTales From The Crypt147,495,6301372.7273
2016-11-26DMCTales From The Crypt133,119,2801470.4545
2016-11-26LSPTales From The Crypt126,822,2401568.1818
2016-11-26MAXTales From The Crypt125,605,0701665.9091
2016-11-26SFVTales From The Crypt116,904,0801763.6364
2016-11-26AEATales From The Crypt115,364,3201861.3636
2016-11-26D WTales From The Crypt112,025,4501959.0909
2016-11-26BENTales From The Crypt102,276,2802056.8182
2016-11-26D JTales From The Crypt91,739,9502154.5455
2016-11-26IANTales From The Crypt82,904,1702252.2727
2016-11-26EATTales From The Crypt79,947,6082350
2016-11-26MDTTales From The Crypt78,237,7102447.7273
2016-11-26JAYTales From The Crypt78,078,3002545.4545
2016-11-26EGGTales From The Crypt75,987,5902643.1818
2016-11-26FOYTales From The Crypt74,626,2202740.9091
2016-11-26RAYTales From The Crypt70,547,5502838.6364
2016-11-26C TTales From The Crypt62,084,4202936.3636
2016-11-26LEMTales From The Crypt60,855,1403034.0909
2016-11-26DELTales From The Crypt60,719,7003131.8182
2016-11-26DNATales From The Crypt54,811,4603229.5455
2016-11-26J BTales From The Crypt51,268,0203327.2727
2016-11-26KENTales From The Crypt45,493,6703425
2016-11-26DPMTales From The Crypt42,523,4503522.7273
2016-11-26BADTales From The Crypt31,652,2503620.4545
2016-11-26ICETales From The Crypt26,032,6803718.1818
2016-11-26AAATales From The Crypt24,899,9103815.9091
2016-11-26TIMTales From The Crypt20,344,2803913.6364
2016-11-26TAZTales From The Crypt19,306,3504011.3636
2016-11-26NLTales From The Crypt15,529,200419.09091
2016-11-26MADTales From The Crypt14,344,060426.81818
2016-11-26MICTales From The Crypt12,543,350434.54545
2016-11-26KSATales From The Crypt5,399,000442.27273